what we do

Envision Partnership specializes in delivering confidential, retained executive search projects that connect premier leadership talent with clients in the Middle East and North Africa.

Leadership Consulting &Talent Development

The challenges of doing business in the Middle East and North Africa continue amidst great opportunity for growth. One constant is the need to supply talent; identify the gaps and develop the people who can drive your business forward. How do you find the leaders who can meet the needs of a global corporation and yet still understand, intuitively, the MENA market and business practices?

Envision Partnership is uniquely positioned in MENA as an expert in cross cultural intelligence, and it specializes in partnering with leading firms to navigate the MENA talent market by providing in-depth expertise and personal knowledge. We understand the needs of firms in the region, by managing talents as a critical resource, in providing the following services:

  • Succession planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Talent Development
  • Cultural training
  • Leadership Assessment Centers
  • Assessment Tools

Leadership Assessment Center (LAC)

We use an assessment system that empowers you to hire, retain and develop the right employee at the right time. We are committed for transparency and simplicity in our process, to ensure consistency and fairness for better results and clear developments. We help you identifying talent strengths to capitalize on, and to define their gaps by complementing your current process and by creating a development plan for your long term talent retention strategy and business success. The LAC is customized as per your needs, culture and strategy. Competencies are assessed with different tools: This is our commitment for Reliability and Validity.