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We are an executive search firm covering the Middle East and North Africa region, founded in Canada in 1997 and based in Dubai since 2005. We provide unparalleled knowledge of the local and regional market, insight into Middle Eastern leadership trends, and over 17 years of experience. Envision Partnership delivers international search assignments together with IIC Partners, utilizing best practice methodologies as recognized by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC).

Envision Partnership applies its extensive knowledge of industries, functions and talent to advise select clients ranging from major international firms to emerging companies on their leadership and talent management, not only by attracting talent but more so by advising clients on retention and long term sustainability goals. Across the MENA region, Envision Partnership consultants focus on senior-level executive search, Board Director Appointments, Succession Planning and tailored Human Resources and Leadership Consultancy.

About Envision

The company also offers in-depth cultural expertise to clients looking to expand in the Middle East with local talent. Envision Partnership is dedicated to excellence in service, quality and results. Flexibility, innovation and teamwork characterize the firm’s approach. Uncompromising ethics and integrity are at the core of the firm’s values, we operate confidentially and to the highest standards.

In today’s increasingly competitive global economy, more and more companies are finding the need to expand in emerging and growing markets like the MENA. Doing business in Cairo or Dubai, however, can be very different from doing business in New York or London. The ability to interact successfully with employees, client, suppliers and investors is crucial to success.

Leadership styles, listening habits, concepts of time, and communication patterns at meetings are just a few of the cultural differences to be expected.

A Northern European or American company tends to be data-oriented and decisive while a manager from the Middle East will be more dialogue-oriented and concerned with the relationships within and external to the company. Envision Partnership Consultants have international experience and local knowledge to ensure that the right fit includes cultural sensitivities.

Finding the best person for your organization results in a long-term, cost-effective and mutually satisfying relationship between company and employee.

Envision Partnership is the member firm of IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide, one of the Global Top 10 executive search groups, with 52 offices in 35 countries around the world.


Since its inception in 1997 in Canada, originally as HCI, and later relocating to Dubai, UAE in 2005, Envision Partnership has grown rapidly, positioning itself among the leaders and innovators in the field of executive search in the MENA region. With beginnings in Healthcare, Envision Partnership has diversified into a number of Practice Groups such as Energy, Technology, Education, and Finance among many others.

Envision Company History


Envision Partnership has always identified itself as a research driven Executive Search firm adhering to international standards and best practice.

We have always sought to raise the quality of hiring into the MENA region by setting ourselves apart by specializing in functions and sectors and identifying the region’s growing needs.

Envision Partnership’s original specialization in life sciences has diversified into family groups, retail, which overlap with pharmaceutical distributor models.

As the search markets have matured in the region, we have seen more quality search firms coming into the region. More multinational companies are making high-level appointments related to the region locally, rather than having the decision being made internationally- by the head office or parent company.

Envision Partnership founder and CEO, Dr.Nairouz Bader, understood that partnering with a global group that allowed a great deal of flexibility , operating with local branding, to utilize deep local contact networks and long standing relationships, would prove to be a success for the firm and its clients.

Working to the same standards as all members of IIC Partners , which is one of the top 10 search firms in the world. Investing in rebranding, relocating and expanding the team to reflect the IIC Partner’s global capabilities, is the exciting continuation of Envision Partnership’s dynamic legacy.